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Jerusalem Archway Challah Cover

Jerusalem Archway Challah Cover

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Beige/Colorful 27.5''w x 24''h

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Made of elegant heavy brocade fabric, this challah cover symbolizes the yearning for the Holy City of Jerusalem and the holy day of Shabbat. Designed with an archway as the centerpiece, the supporting beams are filled with matt colored embroidery of the Jerusalem skyline. In the center of the archway, two elegant candlesticks, with an outline of the Judean Hills above, convey the strong relationship of the Holy Day and the Holy City. Beneath the outline of the Judean Hills, the Hebrew words, “Yom kadosh hu mibo-o v’ad tzeiso”, which translates, “A holy day it is, from its outset through its conclusion”, are embroidered. On the top of the arch the Hebrew verse “Mikdash melech ir meluchah”, which translates, “Sanctuary of the king, royal city”, from the Friday night Lekha Dodi liturgical song.

The edge of the challah cover is bordered by an elegant rope trimming.

The challah cover is one of the few traditional and distinct table setting items that characterizes a set Shabbat and Jewish holiday table. The challah cover, as its name suggests, is used to cover the challahs while the Kiddush is being recited. A special designed challah cover adds glory to the Shabbat and holiday table.