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Tallit/Tefillin Bag Shemah Yisroel

Shemah Yisroel Flame Tallit/Tefillin Bag

Navy/Gold Tefillin Bag 8.5'' X 7.5

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The classic Shemah Yisroel flame is available on your tallit/tefillin bag. The Hebrew words “Shemah Yisroel”, Hear O Israel, are the first words of the centerpiece prayer in Judaism, asserting the oneness of G-d’s Kingship over the universe. The words are artfully embroidered onto lush blue velvet threaded with gold forming the shape of a flame in the center of the bag.  

This bag is available as a tallit and tefillin set as well as separate Tallit and Tefillin sizes.

This bag has the option of adding custom embroidery with Hebrew or English. An optional clear plastic slip-on protective bag is available.