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Tallit Bet Yosef

White 55'' L x 72'' W

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Tzitzis Strings:


This pure sheep wool Bet Yosef tallit is completely white with slightly visible white stripes. The tallit has an atarah neckband that is a slightly different shade of white which makes it only slightly visible as well. The unique geometric raised-grid weave gives the tallit a checkerboard design and is designed for extra durability.

The tallit was designed in accordance with the rulings and certified kosher by Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef. The tallit comes standard with handmade tzitzit knotted accorded to the Sephardic tradition, however other options are available. 

Bet Yosef tallit is available with a number of tzitzit/string types, including hand made and techelet (blue dye) tzitzit.

Tallit has an option for some add-on's including additional cloth lining sewn to the underside at the head and shoulder area. Side bands are decorative bands sewn to the underside along the edges on the length for additional reinforcement. The Middle band is a decorative band running on the topside through the center on the whole width

  • Complete with fabric Atarah neckband
  • Made from 100% virgin lamb's wool
  • Ready to use - Complete with knotted tzizit strings knotted according to the Sfardic traditional custom
  • Dry clean only
  • Rabbinically kosher certified - Rabbi Ovadia Yosef OBM
  • Made in Israel

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