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Shofar - Ram's Horn


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The shofar is traditional blown during the Rosh Hashanah and at the end of Yom Kipper Services. According to the code of Jewish law, aside from the material used, there are other qualifications that must be met to render a shofar kosher for use. All our shofars are manufactured in Israel, made from ram’s horns and are rabbinicaly certified kosher for use.

Due to the nature of the shofar, the color as well as shape and texture vary from shofar to shofar. Prices are based on the length of the shofar.

Guide to the approximate length of shofar sizes:

Small - 9" to 11" 

Medium - 11" to 13" 

Large - 13" to 15" 

X Large - 15" to 17" 

XX Large - 17" to 19"

Note: Colors and shape may vary, sizes are approximate and are categorized by the manufacturer.